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Travel Insurance

This policy is taken by a traveler anywhere in the world and provides 24-hourcover for medical expenses and assistance , travel delay or flight cancellation, personal accident, loss of passport, total loss of baggage that has been checked in by international airline, loss of money, personal civil liability and hijacking.

Travel Packages Include;
Africa: Provides coverage within Africa & surrounding islands except the country
of residence.
Asia: Provides coverage within Asia & surrounding islands
Europe: All European countries
Worldwide: Provides coverage worldwide except the country of residence.
.Provides coverage worldwide except the country of residence.
.Emergency medical evacuation in case of Illness or Accident
– including cover
for Covid 19 & Compulsory quarantine
.Emergency Dental Care
.Repatriation of Mortal Remains.
.Repatriation of Family Member travelling with the insured
.Emergency Return Home Following Death of a close Family member
.Compassionate Emergency Visit
.Delivery of Medicines (services only)
.Hijack in Means of Public Transport
.Loss of passport, Driving license, National ID card abroad
.Compensation for In
-flight loss of checked
-in baggage
.Luggage Delay
.Location & forwarding of baggage and personal belongings
.Advance of bail bond
.Delayed Departure

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